Black and White Darkroom

The darkroom is centered around a temperature controlled 4x8 foot stainless steel sink with a fully ventilated chemical hood. There are twelve work stations on steel shop tables featuring Durst 601 enlargers primarily with two Besseler 23cII's thrown in for good measure. There is plenty of locker storage for each user's easels, tanks and reels.

The light wet room contains a temperature controlled 3x8 foot stainless steel sink for film processing. There are also drying cabinets for film and screen racks for print drying. There are timers, thermometers and other utensils available for use. The two changing closets are 4x4 feet each, and there is plenty of working countertop space.

The light table room is across the hall with plenty of space to work and prepare negatives and slides. For rental information please see the renting space link.